Korea's Buma Technical compressor has been one of the leading manufacturers of air compressors also here in Singapore. Like what we always do, Beng Chuan also has a variety of Buma Technical Compressors for industries in Singapore that might need these exact units. To provide you with a more efficient and eco-friendly way to generate power, these air compressors are the best alternatives to pick. Check out the products that you may be interested in below.

BPM Series – Permanent Magnet Variable Speed Type

BCM oil-free air compressor is a type of air compressor that operates without the use of oil in its compression chamber. This means that the compressed air produced by this oil-free screw compressor is free from oil contaminants, making it suitable for use in applications that require high-quality and contaminant-free compressed air.

BPM-1 (2)

List of BPM Series Air Compressor

Saving Energy up to 42% !!!

How much it can save?


  1. The answer is 25 to 44 %. the energy consumption rate of air compressor in a factory could be more than 40 % from whole energy consumption, this BPM Series can significantly reduce energy consumption. It can control production of air volume by variable speed control in accordance with actual demand of compressed air.

BUMA Inverter Compressors Reduce Energy Consumption. The reason is as follows.

  • Saving electricity up to 42%
  • Adopting high efficiency PERMANENT MAGENT (PM) motor with Extra 7% more energy saving over Standard inverter using normal induction motor
  • User friendly intelligent control system
  • Fault detection & protection by micro-computer controller
  • Installed with high efficiency energy saving filtration system
  • Direct without belt, coupling and gears eliminating mechanical & transmission power loss hence reducing parts changed

Technical Specifications