BCM Oil-free & Screw Air Compressor in Singapore

BCM Oil-Free Air Compressor

oil free

BCM – Oil-Free Water Lubricating Screw Air Compressor

100% oil-free with excellent performance!

  • Large Capacity - Our oil-free air compressors produce a large volume of compressed air that is free from oil and other contaminants, making them ideal for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.
  • 100% No Oil in the System - Free from oil and other contaminants, our oil-free air compressor is recommended for applications that require clean and pure air.
  • High Efficiency - Our oil-free screw compressors use advanced technologies such as scroll, diaphragm, or screw compressors to compress air, resulting in higher energy efficiency.
  • Oil-free ISO 8573-1 '0' class - Our range of oil-free screw compressors are designed to pass the standards set by local and global regulating bodies.
  • Zero Pollutions - Oil-free air compressors are environmentally friendly since they do not emit oil into the atmosphere, reducing the risk of environmental pollution.
  • Low Noise & Low Maintenance Cost - Our oil-free air compressor produces very little noise. This will make your operations more conducive for workers and will easily alert you should there be trouble with the unit.
  • Low Operating Temperature - Oil-free screw compressors are designed to be durable and long-lasting, with advanced cooling systems that reduce heat buildup, extending the lifespan of the oil-free air compressor.

Technical Specifications