5 Tips For Keeping Your Air Compressor Running Smoothly

December 19, 2023

By adm_oom

5 Tips for keeping your air compressor running smoothly

The optimal performance of machinery has become a key determinant of success for many businesses. Particularly for industries relying on air compressors, facilitating an uninterrupted supply of compressed air plays a part in preventing downtime during production processes. Want to sustain the smooth operation of your air compressor? Here are four tips.

1. Regular Maintenance Checks

Similar to any other machinery, your air compressor requires routine check-ups to ensure longevity. Whether it is inspecting for leaks, checking pressure levels, or examining the condition of belts and hoses, a regular assessment can bring minor issues to light before they escalate. For example, a variable speed air compressor utilising oil for lubrication should undergo consistent checks on oil levels and oil quality. This not only guarantees a continuous clean oil supply, but also contributes to smoother operation.

2. Maintain Cleanliness

Establishing a clean environment around your air compressor is essential for prolonging its lifespan too. The accumulation of dust and debris poses a clogging risk for your  air intake vents and filters, hindering the smooth flow of air into the compressor. This restriction forces the compressor to work harder, eventually diminishing its overall efficiency. As such, regular cleaning of the compressor and its surroundings becomes vital. Additionally, consider investing in high-quality air filters to effectively keep impurities away, enabling your air compressor to operate effortlessly according to your operational demands. 

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3. Proper Storage

Proper storage should not be overlooked when it comes to the storing of industrial equipment like air compressors. When the air compressor is not in use, keeping it in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated space is highly recommended. This is because excessive exposure to moisture, such as in highly humid environments, may lead to the corrosion of the metal components in the air compressor. Such occurrences increase the likelihood of malfunctions. If possible, invest in constructing a dedicated storage area to provide an additional layer of protection against dust and moisture. For instance, choose moisture-resistant flooring materials like sealed concrete to help mitigate the risk of water seepage, reducing the need for frequent repairs.

Air compressor maintenance

4. Proper Lubrication During Operation

Adequate lubrication is paramount for a well-performing variable speed or silent air compressor. Beyond minimising friction, proper lubrication dissipates heat and prevents undue strain on the compressor’s components. From time to time, monitor oil levels to keep your variable speed air compressor running smoothly. Besides, you should also follow the manufacturer’s advice when selecting a suitable lubricant. 

5. Drain Condensate Regularly

Air compressors generate moisture as part of the compression process, often accumulating condensate in the tank. Over time, this moisture can result in corrosion and compromise the compressor’s function. To prevent these issues, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper drainage procedures. You may also opt for installation of automatic condensate drains for more efficient moisture removal.

Air compressor maintenance is a strategic investment. Engage in reliable air compressor servicing in Singapore to prolong the functionality of your air compressor. 

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