Auto Drain for Airline Filter

– Save Valuable Compressed air
– Discharge the condensate liquid effectively
– Protect downstream equipment from being damaged by condensate liquid

Product Introduction:

The drain housings are made of first-class aluminium alloy materials through die-casting technology, strong and tight, surface is plastic-sprayed, can resist corrosion by synthetic lubricants of air compressor. Easy to install and clean, no noise and compressed air loss, running safely. Better to clean drain bodies weekly to guarantee better drainage and less blockage. Oriented from the automatic drainage design of the freestyle float ball, auto drains are free from electricity, safe, low carbon, environment freindly and really help our end users safe costs.

Working Principle:

Drains are designedwith float ball drain system. the outlet of the drain will close and sto draining if the draining buoyance is smaller thean the float ball’s weight and pressure from the compressed air. It will have a trickle of drainage if the float weight and pressur are balanced. It will open and strart draining if the draining buoyanceis greater than the float ball’s weight and the pressure fro the compressed air. It works cyclically according to the buoyance.