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Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

Air pressure are used in a variety of applications and settings to measure the pressure of air in a tank. Industrial enbironments where coatings and sealants applied on a regular basis rely on a gauge’s readings to ensure safety gidelines are being met, and application amount are per specifications.

Pressure gauges can provide needed information when a machine malgunctions, allowing operators to attend to the problem before more serious problems develop.

Safety Valve

Safety Valve

It applied to secyrity protection when media overpressure. When pressure in the air storage exceedcs allowable value the safety valve will open automatically and then discharge. When the pressure is lower than rated value the valve will shut off automatically to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.


PLC Controller

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

PLC controlling cabinet consists of major loop and controlled returning circuit, while the major loop consists of plastic-covered circuit breaker, contactor and soft strater. And the controlled returning circuit returning circuit is composed od PLC (CPU224, A/D mold, TD200 display, electric resource switch, cetral relay, push-button, directional lights, voltage meter and current meter.

Minimum Presure Valve

Minimum Pressure Valve

We need a minimum pressure to circulate the oil. Circulation of oil is critical for cooling of the rotary screws and for the lubrication of the bearings.

A rotary screw compressor has no oil pumps. The oil is pumped through the system by the differences in pressure the exists inside the compressor.

When the compressor just starts up, we need to build up a pressure as soon as possible,m or the above reason.

If the compressor is connected to an empty air receiver or piping system, than it woulod take a long time before pressure is built up (a very long time). Therefore, the minimum pressure valve staus closed until a minimum pressure has been reached inside the air compressor.

Inlet Valves

Inlet Valve

This is also commonly called an inlet valve or an intake valve.

A typical use is to control the airflow into a rotary screw compressor. The valve would be modulate open or closed by the compressor contriol sysytem meet downstream air demands. The independent poppet would prevent backflow into the air filter and loss of compressor oil due to reverse flow in the compressor.

Filter Regulator

Product Specification:

  1. 1. Embedded square pressure guage is used o save installation space. ( External cirrcular pressure gauge is also optional).
  2. 2. The pressed-in self-locking mechanism can prevent tthe abnormal movement of the set pressure caused by the external intefere.
  3. 3. Balance design is adopted for the pressure adjustment mechanism.
  4. 4. In addition to standard type, lower pressure type is optional; (The highest adjustable pressure is 0.4M.Pa).
  5. 5. Unique diversion stucture spins the air flowing though to effectively sparate the liquid from the air and reliability filer the solid grain.
  6. 6. The filtering grade included 5um and 40um (optional).
  7. 7. Three drain types are availble: manual drin, semuauto drain and automatic drain.
  8. 8. The bracket can be ed for installation.

Auto Drain For Airline Filter

Auto Drain for Airline Filter

  1. Save Valuable Compressed air
  2. Discharge the condensate liquid effectively
  3. Protect downstream equipment from being damaged by condensate liquid

Product Introduction:

The drain housings are made of first-class aluminium alloy materials through die-casting technology, strong and tight, surface is plastic-sprayed, can resist corrosion by synthetic lubricants of air compressor. Easy to install and clean, no noise and compressed air loss, running safely. Better to clean drain bodies weekly to guarantee better drainage and less blockage. Oriented from the automatic drainage design of the freestyle float ball, auto drains are free from electricity, safe, low carbon, environment freindly and really help our end users safe costs.

Working Principle:

Drains are designedwith float ball drain system. the outlet of the drain will close and sto draining if the draining buoyance is smaller thean the float ball’s weight and pressure from the compressed air. It will have a trickle of drainage if the float weight and pressur are balanced. It will open and strart draining if the draining buoyanceis greater than the float ball’s weight and the pressure fro the compressed air. It works cyclically according to the buoyance.

Electrical Timer Auto Drain

What is the Electrical Timer Auto Drain?

Electrical Timer Auto Drain to simulate an electronic circuit solid state electric timer and solenoid valve to match the timing of realization of the compressed air system condensate automatic discharge. High voltage electron drain valve widely used in filters, separators, dryers, air tank, drip legs and other compressed air system components, discharge time and interval can be adjusted according to different needs.

Mechanical Auto Drain

What is the Mechanical Auto Drain?

Suitable for screw air compressor equipment, gas tank, pipeline medium machine, at any time within the sustem automatically discharge condensate within the compressed system, keep the system clean dry air.

  1. 1, extra large hole, oil-water effleuent eadily discharged, high reliabilitym the coolet and the gas tank automatically emit moisture, oil impuruties of choice.
  2. 3, self- cleaning function easy to plug the valve port.
  3. 4, heavy futy steelm defying organic solvents, all metal products with high pressure and high security and durable superior.

*Applicable fluids: all kinds of comperessed.

Air Filter

Replacing your air filter regularly will prevent harmful contaminants and particles from entering the compressor. Simply keeping your air filter clean will increase the performance of your compressed air system, ultimately extending the overall operational life of your compressor.

Air Filter save your compressor from excessive wear with our information on air compressor filters, so you save money and maintenance in the long run. 

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OIL Filter

Protect your compressor, with the right air compressor oil filter, and save money on expensive repairs.

Oil filters are normally only found on bigger compressors, like oil-injected screw compressors. Obviously, they filter the oil to remove any dirt. In other words: they protect your compressor from damages by dirt, sand, pieces of rust, etc. Dust and dirt will damage the filter element, wear the bearings and clog the oil-separator. Typically, an air compressor oil filter looks like a can with openings on one side. Inside the filter is a paper filter element which is folded like a harmonica to create the biggest possible surface area (so that maximum oil can flow through). But be aware: not all air compressor oil filters are the same!

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Oil Separator Operational economics of a Screw Compressor depends on its vital component namely the Air Oil Separator. There are two principal functions of the Separator: a) Removal of solids b) Separation of oil from the air stream.

Operational economics of a Screw Compressor depends on its vital component namely the Air Oil Separator. There are two principal functions of the Separator:

a) Removal of solids

b) Separation of oil from the air stream

If you want to know more about the product ,Please contact 6368 1583 .


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