To keep your air compressor running smoothly, we at Beng Chuan here at Singapore also offers a wide range of air compressor servicing. With the different processes that we can offer you, you can ensure that your unit still works in its prime. These air compressor servicing can range from replacing oil and air filters to completely overhauling your machine. Read below about the air compressor servicing we at Beng Chuan can do for you in Singapore.



  • After the first 500 hour, replace the oil filter and compressor oil
  • Every 2000 hour, replace the oil filter, air filter, compressor oil
  • Regulate the belt tightness for belt drive compressor, check oil level, condition display on the panel, temperature, noise etc.
  • The machine should be installed in well-ventilated, well-lighted, dry, clean air and less dusty space.
  • Check safety valve, temperature controller, electromagnetic valve, radiator or other parts which is easy to lead machine fault and solve the problem.
  • Overhaul the air compressor

air pipeline

Our design criteria are established from global standard for satisfying various demands

We provide the end to end air pipe line supply of materials and installation work. This includes the installation of new stainless steel and galvanized steel air pipeline.

air end overhaul

We have on-hand capabilities to perform air end overhaul and maintenance. We have the full set of hand tools and other special tools necessary to perform the job. Do contact us today for
further enquires on this.

Do you have any problems that we can fix? Talk to us and we’ll see what we can do!

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